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Go green with bamboo
Caterers and event planners are going green. Bamboo Imports of Minnesota has a growing line of bamboo products to offer your customers. Bamboo is not only sustainably grown and harvested, bamboo products generally are 100 percent biodegradable. In some cases, bamboo can be composted with food waste. Specializing in picks and skewers, Bamboo Imports of Minnesota also carries a variety of other bamboo-derived disposables, including small dishes made from bamboo leaves and plates made from bamboo veneer.
For more information about Bamboo Imports products, call 952.591.1570 or go to www.BambooImportsMN.com

Any good cook will tell you that one of the most important tools in the kitchen is a good knife. They will be quick to add that one of the most dangerous tools is a dull knife.

A set of good knives will last a lifetime provided you take care of them, and you don’t need 12 different sizes, styles, etc. You can easily ‘get by’ with three quality knives. A chef knife, a paring knife and a serrated (bread) knife. (works wonderfully for slicing tomatoes!)

Store your knives in a block if possible, or in a drawer, separated from other kitchen utensils. You don’t want to reach into a drawer for a peeler and run into a chef knife! Cleaning is important too. Please don’t EVER put your good knives in a dishwasher. Wash by hand in warm soapy water, dry immediately and return to their designated space.

And finally, to get back to my opening comment, keep your knives sharp. A dull blade is difficult to control and is likely slip while you are cutting or chopping. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

For a great selection of new or refurbished knives, or to sharpen the knives you have see Joe at Eversharp Knives in Minneapolis.  I promise – you’ll be glad you did. Happy Cooking!!      www.eversharpknives.com

So it’s officially summer (finally!)

The last thing I want to do during these hot, steamy summer months  is turn on the oven,

but a gals gotta eat… right?

Roasted shrimp with orzo is easy and delicious. Paired with a glass of chilled white wine -  perfection.

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I’ll be co-hosting a seminar on Outdoor Entertaining at the Pottery Barn Galleria in Edina. Sunday April 25, and again on Sunday May 2nd. The events are from 10-11 am, with time for shopping after! Join us for a fun discussion, great party ideas for easy entertaining and discounted shopping that day at Pottery Barn.

Contact me for more details on how to sign up.

According to caterers who shared ideas with CaterSource Magazine for January  2010 Trends issue, “they’re done with the whole  signature cocktail thing”. It’s back to high quality liquors and classic drinks. These days the trendiest bars are serving up traditional favorites like Manhattans and Champagne. For a more budget friendly sparkling wine – try a  Cava from Spain or a Prosecco from Italy. Light, refreshing and very festive!

Contact me for a copy of Bar Basics. It will walk you through everything you need to set up your bar, with great cocktail recipes for easy entertaining shown on the back . Cheers!

Welcome to the ‘What’s New’ page of the Occasions by Elizabeth web site. Here you’ll find the latest tips and trends for easy entertaining, including menu options, wine notes, links to great articles and more. I’ll include recipes for meals, (and cocktails!) ideas for event design, and information on what’s happening around town. It changes all the time, so visit often!

As always I welcome your feedback, so drop me a line and let me know what you think. Cheers!

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