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Tips to help make your party a success!

A case of wine will usually yield 72 glasses.

When determining the amount of wine you’ll need for your event, keep in mind that many reputable wine shops will accept unopened bottles of wine for return. Best to err on the high side!

Hire professionals, including a planner, servers and bartenders.

It is a cost effective addition to your budget that will allow you to relax and be a guest at your own party!

Leave the scented candles in the bathroom.

Use creative accents on the buffet table. Fresh seasonal fruit in a large vase or fresh vegetables in a beautiful bowl are good options that won’t overload the senses.

Negotiate Rates!

It’s best to negotiate rates, and book meeting rooms at a convention center or hotel near the end of the month. These facilities usually have quotas, and month-end numbers will generally allow for bargains and
discounted costs.

Current trends for today and tomorrow!

Ginger is the new mint.

Move over Mojitos, today the taste du jour seems to be sexy, spicy ginger. Ginger beers and ginger cocktails can be found on drink lists from New York to San Francisco and many places in between. Look for new listing at your favorite local
establishment soon!

White wine is back and it's unoaked, crisp, light
and fresh.

These are wines that offer great quality, with a touch of acidity allowing them to stand up well to food…  For reds, Malbec from Argentina follows Merlot in name appeal and continues to increase in popularity.

Smoking is the new Frying.

You know how everything tastes better fried? Well, almost everything tastes better smoked, too, and that includes cocktails. Bartenders are smoking their bourbons, and chefs, recognizing the national craze for BBQ, are smoking more than just salmon and ribs: nuts, salts, and even smoked steelhead roe are available.

Picnics and BBQ are gaining in popularity.

Cost effective, with more flexibility than formal seated dinners, picnics are a fun option for your next company event, and I can help with a ‘back up’ plan in case of inclement weather!

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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Ask Elizabeth A Question

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