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The Philippines is an unsurpassed location for film and television productions. Whether you are thinking about bringing your series, TVC shoot, or music video to the Philippines, hiring the right local film fixer will ensure that every stage of the production process is smooth.

films fixer philippines mbrella films
With a film fixer, the Philippines opens its doors to a wealth of filmmaking resources.

Film fixers on Mbrella’s team have decades of experience supporting productions in the Philippines. This country is abundant with both natural and architectural sites that light up the screen with atmospheric imagery. Film fixers can help you bring out the potential of Philippine beaches, islands, and cities. Call Mbrella at any time with questions and inquiries. Feel free to email or fill out the form below as well. As always, we are happy to be your Philippine and greater ASEAN film fixing allies.

Fixing & Production Support

film fixer phillippine mbrella film Fixing & Production Support
Film fixers are important in planning stages but can be called upon through to post-production.

Depending on production needs, a film fixer in the Philippines will need to assist in a variety of ways. Oftentimes a film fixer’s job changes on the spot, as they adapt to ever-changing conditions in order to overcome obstacles that arise. This important fixing support they are able to provide includes permit expediting, location scouting, and crew and gear procural. Every step of the way, fixers strive to adapt to changing conditions and conduct thorough problem-solving.

In this article, we will go into further details about some of the key services a Philippines film fixer provides. Our fixers remain ever aware of the unique conditions of filming in the Philippines, and we understand that the needs of each individual project necessitate quick reaction time and thorough follow-through. Read on for more information on what a film fixer can offer.

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Location Scouting and Management Fixer Services

film fixer phillippine mbrella film Location Scouting and Management Fixer Services
No task is too big or too small for a professional Philippines film fixer.

Location choice is one of the most important decisions of any production process. Locations establish an on-screen atmosphere and environment to create a sense of place and ambiance. Different productions of different budgets will need a variety of locations, depending on accessibility and proximity. A Philippines film fixer fulfills all location needs and can also act as an on-site liaison to guarantee clear communication and economical pricing.

It is unavoidable that certain locations will be more difficult to access than others. Some remote locations will inevitably require the mobilization of a larger fleet of transportation and delivery vehicles. Other locations might be easy to access, yet their owners might be absentee or less willing to allow films to shoot on their property. With the right film fixer on board with the team, directors and producers can know that they have a local ally laboring day and night to make the magic happen.

Permits Fixing Services

film fixer phillippine mbrella film Permits Fixing Services
Expediting film permit approval is one of the most important tasks for a Philippines film fixer.

One of the greatest obstacles that can arise during any film production shoot has to do with location permits, approval and licensing. Without the proper permits in place, production can get sidetracked or even be forced to halt entirely. This can cause unnecessary budgetary issues and take the focus off the creativity necessary for shooting features and series. Fixers work hard to prevent this from happening. They are always well connected with local film authorities and remain up to date on navigating administrative and bureaucratic hurdles.

Once permits are obtained for specific locations, production can commence without having to think about the red tape. Permits are one of the most important aspects of the pre-production process. A Philippines film fixer will essentially unlock the doors to a plethora of location options in this country, where having a local contact is imperative for ultimate success.

Equipment and Crew Services

films fixer philippines mbrella films Equipment and Crew Services
The right gear and highly trained operators are on call thanks for film fixers.

With locations scouted for and decided upon, and permits in place, the right crew and gear will bring out the best in your production. Certain key roles on set can be fulfilled in the Philippines, and many visiting projects elect to hire DP’s or even directors locally. Other projects bring in their own directors, while still electing to hire local art department leads and editors. A Philippines film fixer acts as a frontline during the hiring process, drawing from a vast network of contacts to match each production with its best local hires.

The right crew needs the right equipment, and local fixers will know how to negotiate with rental houses. Additionally, fixers can find obscure equipment, including specialty jibs, cranes, and underwater or aerial equipment. The Philippines film fixers at Mbrella Films remain on call and ready for action, so feel free to contact us anytime for more information or with quotation requests.