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Mbrella Films is a Philippines Film Production Company offering services in the Philippines from local and international productions. With over seven thousand islands and awe-inspiring beachfront scenery, the Philippines remains a high-value destination for any film production. Keep reading to find out why this country is the perfect setting for any cutting-edge motion picture project.

Film Production Services Philippines

Countless feature films have utilized the Philippines as a backdrop, including Apocalypse Now, Avengers: Infinity War, and The Bourne Legacy. These major Hollywood studio projects utilized local production and equipment, calling on the plethora of resources the country has to offer.

In-house editing suites and a plethora of pre to post-production support services

For all levels of film production services needs, the Philippines delivers beyond expectations. Services for documentaries, television series, and miniseries are available. In this country, an array of local rental and crew packages can be procured. Demanding directors and producers will never lack the crew and equipment options necessary to elevate their craft. Not only that, but there’s the endless variety of locations to choose from.

Please feel free to contact Mbrella’s production team at any time with any questions about bringing your project to the Philippines. In the remainder of this article, we detail some of the benefits of shooting in this country, including its incredible location and equipment options.

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Filming Locations in The Philippines

Sprawling Manila is the heartbeat of the Philippines. It is also where low budget independent films up to multi-million dollar movie productions can find the resources necessary to achieve ultimate success. This bustling city serves as a modern urban atmosphere with a unique blend of both Asian and western cultural influences.

From skyscrapers to busy street corners and packed markets, location scouts can help choose the best place to set up. Not only that but knowledgeable local fixers can ensure your shooting permit is fast-tracked to approval so there is minimal delay in setting up the dolly track and tripod.

Film Production Company Philippines Mbrella Films Filming Locations
Tropical and marine settings bring the screen alive with dynamic imagery

Discussion of the Philippines as a film production company destination is not complete without mention of its beachfront panoramas. Travel magazines regularly include coastal enclaves such as Borcay and El Nido on lists of the world’s most gorgeous beaches. These endless swathes of white sand and pristine blue waters are perfect for a narrative film set in an exotic tropical locale.

From biological diversity to forward-thinking metroplexes, the Philippines has an endless array of location options to choose from. These backgrounds can help inspire directors and cinematographers to create groundbreaking on-screen content.

Philippine Equipment and Film Crew Options

Most on the ground gear rental and local crew resources are based out of Metro Manila. In the country’s largest city there are a multitude of choices at various price points and catering to specific needs. Whether you need to capture aerial drone photography, vehicular footage or underwater action shots, it’s all right at your fingertips.

Film Production Company Philippines Mbrella Films Crew and Equipment
Any equipment you need is available in the Philippines

Should your project need a 4K Red or an ARRI camera mounted on the latest Steadicams, Philippine rental houses have this much and more. And when it comes time to move from pre-production to principal photography and post, there’s no lack of technical support to give the project a boost. With motion capture houses and CGI specialists, the possibilities are endless.

We at Mbrella Films have numerous professional production consultants on staff who have filmed in the Philippines for years. Contact us at any time. We are happy to help you find the right Philippine locations, crew, and equipment to assist with your production success.