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Having a film fixer assisting your Cambodia feature, TVC or series production will help ensure success. Cambodia is a beautiful country that has a lot of untapped filmmaking potential. However, it is still recovering from a turbulent recent history and some infrastructure is still in development. For adventurous and enterprising directors and producers, Cambodia can help realize a vision of something special. With the right Cambodia film fixer in your corner, the possibilities are greatly increased.

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Film fixers in Cambodia can help you access hard to reach, exotic locations.

The film fixer team with Mbrella Films is staffed by local guides who live, eat, and breathe Cambodia year-round. They speak English fluently, have a vast array of local industry and official connections, and negotiate with expertise. These fixers will labor tirelessly to help you achieve your cinematic vision and never quit until their job is done. They are the true jack of all trades on a film set.

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Production Management

films fixer cambodia mbrella films Production Management
Film fixers labor tirelessly until producers and directors are satisfied they have all the coverage they need.

A film fixer in Cambodia goes to work before other production staff even steps foot off an inbound flight. They set to task networking with local assets to prepare for the arrival of directors, producers, and foreign crew as well as equipment. They will have already been in direct contact with crew leads in order to attend to the needs of every department. Film fixers help with access to infrastructure and logistics such as lodging, dining, and transportation services.

Film fixers can also help productions make contact with elusive interview subjects for documentaries. They can help visiting projects gain access to new locations that have never been put to screen. A Cambodian film fixer will also help with permitting, the hiring of local crew positions, and rental of specialty gear. Reach out to us anytime to hear more about how our Cambodia film fixer can support your production. Feel free to fill out the form below, call, or email. Keep reading to learn more about some of the key tasks a professional film fixer is on call to perform.

Location scouting

films fixer cambodia mbrella films Location scouting
With a Cambodia film fixer in your corner, the sky is the limit. Let your imagination soar!

One of the most important choices a director can make is where to shoot principal photography. Location choices affect not only on-screen imagery but also logistical factors such as transport and production management. A Cambodia film fixer acts as a location scout, translator, and negotiator. Film fixers call upon their skills at diplomacy to make sure doors are opened instead of closed. They can deal with home and landowners directly, ensuring budgets are adhered to and that there are no excess or unexpected costs.

With location scouting out of the way, a Cambodia film fixer will continually communicate to site managers and sustain good local relations. Miscommunication with property holders can hamstring production, so good fixers maintain diplomacy and help with contracting. Fixers also can help with obtaining the proper licenses and official permits, which is the topic of the next section.


films fixer cambodia mbrella films Permits
Cut through the bureaucratic red-tape with an expert film fixer on staff.

The importance of obtaining proper permits and licenses to access locations can not be overstated. Each individual country has its own permitting process, with some countries more permissive than others. Some are more bureaucratic. Regardless of the location, having a film fixer on hand to help navigate this administrative process speeds up production considerably.

Cambodia film fixer specialists know which offices to go to, which forms to fill out, and which officials to contact should the need arise. Film fixers can assist with accessing secluded locations, including hard to reach rural settings or buildings with unique architectural features. Film fixers have gone through the permitting process hundreds of times, so they know where to go, who to go to, and when. They understand the needs of every production are different, and will always strive to cater to those needs, regardless of budget.

Crew and gear

films fixer cambodia mbrella films Crew and gear
Not all gear can be imported to Cambodia. Film fixers know where to find the best equipment.

With locations chosen, permits obtained, and pre-production in motion there is still a matter of crew and gear. Inevitably, not all crew and equipment can be imported. Some roles on set will have to be hired locally. Often, productions visiting Cambodia will bring in their own key staff such as DP’s and camera operators, while hiring local gaffers and PAs. Some productions bring in their own camera equipment but rent specialty gear such as jibs and cranes from local houses.

Film fixers will help with all of this and more. Cambodia film fixer professionals are directly connected with local agencies and studios so that they can help you acquire the right tools for the job and the right operators of those tools. Film fixers truly go above and beyond the call of duty, and they are well worth their fees because they keep their phones on and respond at a moment’s notice. Contact Mbrella with any questions about hiring a Cambodia film fixer. As always, we remain your film production allies in Cambodia as well as the greater ASEAN region.