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With nearly one-hundred million inhabitants and sixty-five million internet users, Vietnam is a major player on the video production company scene. If you are considering bringing a foreign production to Vietnam, it’s a great location. Any company looking to increase brand awareness would also do well to advertise in this growing market. Either way, Mbrella Films has you covered. With established liaison branch offices in Vietnam, we offer a complete roster of localized film production services.

Keep reading to find out more. In this article, we’ll discuss why Vietnam is such a hot location for Youtube and social media video production. Later, we’ll cover some of the reasons why Vietnamese crew and equipment options can surely elevate the craft of film and video. As always, Mbrella is here to answer any questions or provide quotes, so reach out anytime by filling out the form below, calling or emailing.

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At once quaint and forward-thinking, Vietnam has an array of scenery the camera will love.

Social Media Video Production Vietnam

Citizens of Vietnam undoubtedly love to watch internet video. That’s why online commercials can help to direct traffic to any up and coming start-up or established luxury brand. With 97 million people living in Vietnam, the country boasts 143 million mobile subscriptions and 58 million social media users. And in this online Vietnam media ecosystem, video production company content reigns supreme. That’s why so many TVC and music video productions are shooting on the streets of Ho Chi Minh or among the atmospheric islands of UNESCO preserved Ha Long Bay.

Video Production Company Vietnam Mbrella Films Social Media Video Production Vietnam
At once quaint and forward-thinking, Vietnam has an array of scenery the camera will love.

It’s no secret that attention from online users is at a premium. In this day and age, enterprising companies will need to stand out from the pack to make their presence known. In Vietnam, this is especially so. Vietnamese internet users spend an average of over six hours online every day. And much of that time is spent watching streaming video content, with YouTube being the most active social media platform in the country. Simply put, having video content available on the major social media platforms will increase a brand’s discoverability significantly.

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YouTube Video Production Vietnam: Locations

Video Production Company Vietnam Mbrella Films YouTube Video Production Vietnam Locations
Once known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City electrifies the senses and fills every frame with a sense of momentum.

Vietnam is abundant with a wealth of TVC and music video production locations, whether your project seeks rural, idyllic atmosphere or hip, urban modernity. Many video production companies we have worked with in Vietnam have made use of the country’s renowned Ha Long Bay. In this world heritage site, epic limestone cliffs descend from hundreds of meters high down into sparkling seas. The atmosphere evokes a sense of romance, adventure, history, and natural splendor.

When it comes time for a cutting edge music video production to land in Vietnam, the streets of Saigon seem almost as if they have arrived from decades into the future. Here old meets new, inspiring imagery of auto commercials and a sense of where the world’s growing urban population is headed next. The camera will eat up the scenery as it lingers on a glittering skyscraper. Then it can tilt or pan to a busy market full of both antiques and gadgetry fresh out of Vietnam’s many factories. Time may seem to stand still in Vietnam’s calm north. In the south, someone hit the fast-forward button and didn’t let up.

This diversity of location options are rare gems that are in Vietnam’s film and video production treasure chest. The colonial thoroughfares of Hanoi, as well as calm beaches and temperate hill station towns, await directors and producers with the vision and gusto to access such limitless potential. Mbrella Films has been offering our film production services in Vietnam for many years. We have the right connections to expedite permits and help hire the best local fixers for ultimate success.

Music Video Production Vietnam: Local Crew And Equipment

Video Production Company Vietnam Mbrella Films Local Crew And Equipment
Local English speaking DP's, AD's, gaffers and grips are available.

Every time we have helped a film production company set up production in Vietnam, we’ve heard praise about the local crew hires and equipment rental options. This is one of the many reasons why Vietnam is a rising star in the Asia Pacific economy. Vietnamese talent is always ready to work hard and fast, while never sacrificing quality and safety. Global brands are starting to pay attention too, with foreign teams producing award-winning features and commercials with the help of Vietnamese directors, cinematographers, and producers.

TVC Production Company Vietnam

The gear rental options for any visiting TVC production company will be most abundant in Ho Chi Minh City. In this city, you can find ARRI, Red, and Sony camera gear along with some of the best post-production houses in the industry. From planning out each scene with expert art departments to tuning in each shot with perfect lighting, it can be done in Vietnam with utmost efficiency. Professionalism and quality are top-notch and always above expectations.

Mbrella Films has producers who know Vietnam well and are ready to assist with any film and video production company needs in the country. We think you will agree that Vietnam is a cinematic backdrop that is rich with visual potential. Please contact us anytime and we will be happy to discuss bringing your next project to this lovely country.