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There are many good reasons to hire a Vietnam film fixer. Film making is an arduous process. No matter how well planned out a production is, there will be inevitable obstacles. Shooting a movie or TVC in a foreign country can create even more obstacles than normal. Having a good film fixer with a problem-solving attitude and a wealth of industry connections smooths out the whole process.

films fixer vietnam mbrella films Film Fixer Vietnam
Film fixers can connect your production with the best locations, gear, and crew in the business.

Mbrella Films has a local Vietnam film fixer team that regularly fixes for visiting productions from all over the world. Our fixers help unlock the potential of this vast country so your imagination can soar. Contact us anytime by filling out the form below, calling, or emailing. Our fixers are on standby and ready for action, and we look forward to hearing from you. Keep reading to find out how a Vietnam film fixer can make your television or film production the best it can be.

films fixer vietnam mbrella films Fixing & Production Support
Film fixers labor arduously to remove all obstacles for production so directors can focus on creative tasks.

Hiring a film fixer is beneficial when working in any foreign environment. Fixers essentially help with any local logistical needs. This can include helping visiting production companies access local industry resources, as well as unlocking resources unassociated with the film community. A fixer can help you access local soundstages, while also negotiating with owners of hidden locations that have never been on screen before.

A Vietnam film fixer is especially beneficial in pre-production yet they remain on call and ready to jump into action until post-production. Film fixers can be known to work a flat fee or day rate, depending upon the production’s requirement, yet will gladly work all hours until producers and directors are satisfied. When something goes wrong, fixers step in. Yet they also get their hands dirty in order to prevent anything from going wrong. They are well familiar with problems that can arise and work diligently to preempt them.

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films fixer vietnam mbrella films Location Scouting & Management Fixer Services
Whether you need a sound stage or an undiscovered hidden location, Vietnam film fixers deliver.

One of the biggest decisions during the pre-production process is choosing which locations to use for principal photography. Location can make or break any project. Choose the wrong location, and audiences will be distracted by what’s going on behind the characters, instead of paying attention to the human story. Some TVC’s are entirely focused on locations, without any protagonists at all. Characters can arrive and leave a scene, but the location doesn’t move until the camera does.

When the owner or manager of a location tries to charge exorbitant prices, a Vietnam film fixer can step in to bargain. And they can do so in multiple languages. With boots on the ground in their native country year-round, fixers are connected and in the know. The film industry is constantly in flux. It changes all the time. Only someone who spends their lives in a local environment will be privy to the latest industry knowledge.

Permits Fixing Services

Every local economy has its own processes for obtaining film permits. It is imperative that all permitting and licensing is taken care of before shooting begins. This will help to avoid the complete shutdown of production due to interference. When a director or producer of a series or feature film has decided what locations he or she wants, a Vietnam film fixer will help expedite permits.

Film Production Company Thailand Mbrella Films FIlm Production Services
Once permits are in place, there is no risk of production being delayed by authorities.

Film fixers help to obtain permits by calling on their established roster of industry and official contacts. Fixers know who to contact in which office to ensure there is minimal if any delay. A film fixer’s job is to make the process of permitting as painless as possible so that the cameras can get rolling ASAP. Working with a sense of urgency is a film fixer’s modus operandi.

Equipment and Crew Services

Films Fixer Myanmar Mbrella Films Fixing & Production Support
Film fixers can help you access all the latest equipment and expert crew to operate it.

With locations settled on and permits in place, directors and producers can dedicate more of their time to the creative process. There is still the matter of procuring top of the line camera and sound gear, though. Inevitably, not all equipment can be imported, and it will be necessary to find a jib or a crane from within Vietnam. A Vietnam film fixer sets to work, even helping to rent rare equipment such as vehicle rigs and pyrotechnic gear.

Equipment procural was only half the battle though. After all, what good is a Red camera without a camera operator trained up to western standards on operating procedures? Again, your Vietnam film fixer steps in and connects you with the best team for the job. Film fixers are well connected with the local community in the country and know the best DP’s, action coordinators, and gaffers. Not only that, but fixers will help producers stay well within budget and keep the production focused on doing the best work possible.

The Vietnam film fixer team at Mbrella has decades of experience and can help with every aspect of local production. Contact us anytime with questions, inquiries, or requests for quotations. As always, we remain your Vietnam film fixing allies.