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Singapore is undoubtedly a film production hotspot in the ASEAN region. This self-contained city-state has a robust economy and a well-established infrastructure. Singapore is clean, efficient, and local film authorities have cultivated a unique and inviting filming environment. A Singapore film fixer will do the leg work necessary to ensure production success at all stages of the process. Mbrella is an established provider of Singapore film fixer services, so fill out the form below, call or email anytime.

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Film fixers know the best locations, the fastest ways to permit approval, and the best local crew.

Fixing and Production Support

Local film fixers help any production reach its highest potential by tapping networks of production support staff and services. A Singapore film fixer has ample in-country experience catering to film community needs. Fixers have boots on the ground, getting their hands dirty in order to ensure ultimate success.

films fixer singapore mbrella films Fixing and Production Support
Singapore is a wealth of scenic diversity and cinematic potential.

Fixers can help with any aspect of film and television production. Some key roles a fixer can fill include expediting permits, location scouting and management, and crew and equipment procural. Keep reading to find out more about Mbrella Film’s in-house expert film fixers. We continually strive to help productions get the most out of Singapore and its surrounding regions.

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Location Scouting and Management Services

films fixer singapore mbrella films Location Scouting and Management Services
The right location can make or break a project. Our film fixers ensure success.

One of the first and most important decisions any director or producer can make is deciding which locations to film in. Locations set the stage for storytelling, and often stand in as an extra character in and of themselves. Some scenes in a TVC or series will not feature any characters, to impart a sense of place and atmosphere. All scenes must have a location. Not all scenes must include characters. That’s how important location scouting is, in Singapore and beyond.

Any expert local Singapore film fixer knows where the best locations are for any given project. They will have established contacts for key location categories, such as architectural or natural urban and rural features. And if a client wants something entirely undiscovered, fixers won’t stop until they find a site that has yet to grace the silver screen. Fixers continually draw upon an established roster of contacts, while also never ceasing to generate new leads.

Permits and Fixing Services

films fixer singapore mbrella films Permits and Fixing Services
Some locations are more permissive to film than others. Film fixers do what it takes to obtain approval.

Acquiring the right permits and licenses to shoot in key Singapore locations is an important step towards initiating principal photography. Having permits on hand prevents obstacles from arising with local authorities that could significantly slow down the production process. A Singapore film fixer works tirelessly until the permit is approved by local film authorities. Visiting productions can then rest assured that they won’t have the added stress of navigating bureaucratic obstacles. This enables producers to focus more on the creative process.

Permits for certain locations will be much easier to obtain than permits for others. Fixers labor in the trenches until a filmmaker can set up the tripod in the ideal cinematic setting. Mbrella’s team of expert local Singapore fixers will always achieve success and work until the job is done.

Equipment and Crew Services

films fixer singapore mbrella films Equipment and Crew Services
A local Mbrella fixer will help your project start out with the right crew and gear.

Once locations are chosen and permits and licenses are approved, productions need the right gear and crew for the job. Certain gear will help bring out a location’s visual potential, including the highest quality cameras and jib cranes or aerial drones. Some gear can be imported, as well as some crew. However, inevitably some key roles and necessary equipment will need to be procured in-country. This is where a Singapore film fixer comes in.

Singapore film fixers will not quit until a movie shoot or documentary film is ready for action with the latest and greatest tools for the task. Singapore fixers know how to tap local talent pools of English and Chinese speaking DP’s, gaffers, and grips trained according to the highest industry standards.

Mbrella Films staffs Singapore film fixers to suit every production need. As always, we remain your local allies at every stage of the production process. We have decades of experience film fixing in Singapore, the ASEAN, and beyond. Reach out to us anytime via email, phone or our contact form. We always provide prompt responses and quotations.