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The visually appealing city of Hong Kong is both a major Asian travel hub and a film making epicenter. Our Mbrella Films team has years of experience producing films and television in this dynamic and fast-paced multicultural city. Please fill out the form below, call or email for further inquiries. For all your film production company needs in Hong Kong, we can help.

Diverse locations and a key global film making industry make Hong Kong stand out
Diverse locations and a key global film making industry make Hong Kong stand out

Hong Kong has a long and storied history of film making, dating all the way back to the pre-war era. At one point, Hong Kong was the world’s third-largest cinema producing market, just behind Hollywood and Bollywood. With many ebbs and flows, highs and lows, Hong Kong continues to play a significant role on the global cinematic stage. To this day, any film production company will find what it needs in Hong Kong.

Due to this rich film making tradition, a host of some of the world’s best film production companies and services are at work in the city of Hong Kong. Mbrella films can answer any questions you may have about this location, so please call us anytime with inquiries. In the following sections, we’ll go further into some of the benefits of shooting in this thriving gateway to the global east.

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Hong Kong Video Production

Hong Kong is a superior choice for both film and video production

Because it is such a futuristic city that has also been a global trade powerhouse since the 1800s, Hong Kong is a high-definition videographer’s paradise. Any TVC or commercial will find a perfect atmosphere there for futuristic production material such as advertisements and marketing content. Whether you need to shoot a car commercial or an ad for a famous luxury brand, this city has everything you may need and more.

Film and Video Production Locations in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has not only a rich history but also a varied and unique topography. Skyscrapers reach into the clouds just below looming mountain peaks, making HK’s skyline one of the world’s most famous. Surrounded by mountainous terrain, islands, beaches, and visually stunning South China Sea bays, the city is a cinematic buffet of choice film production locations.

East and west and past and present meet in one of the world's most global cities

Whether you need to film on a secluded beach or in some of the densest neighborhoods in the world, Hong Kong can deliver the goods. And not only that, but the famous and equally as historic casino city of Macau is only a short ferry ride away. With so many unique varieties of architecture, urban settings, and exotic far eastern atmospheres, the screen will come alive with a sense of activity and energy.

Hong Kong Film Crew and Production Equipment

The latest equipment and hard-working crews can help the screen come alive with HK's potential

No film or television project can reach its fullest potential without quality, latest generation gear and hard-working, dedicated crew members. With Hong Kong’s well-established film production industry, the local infrastructure is ready to fulfill every project’s needs.

When it comes to gear, local film production houses have complete kits and equipment on hand. Available brands include ARRI 4K digital cameras and full-sized jib cranes for the perfect establishing shot. And post-production houses come fully equipped with the best editing suites on the market. Whether you need fine-tuned Foley, crisp ADR, or to dial in your production with full CGI environments, you can find it here.

When it comes time to hire a local crew, Hong Kong’s talent pool is legendary. Accustomed to working fast while never sacrificing safety and quality, local grips, gaffers, and assistant directors speak English fluently and remain focused until the project is wrapped. Visiting producers and directors often marvel at the seemingly warp-speed that Hong Kong crews operate on. Blink and you’ll miss it. Dolly track gets laid and then dismantled as quickly as a director can yell ‘action!’ and ‘cut!’.

Every brand of camera and sound gear is easily accessible in Hong Kong

Our production teams at Mbrella Films are well established in the local Hong Kong filmmaking market. For any inquiries about this great production destination, please feel free to reach out to us at any time by email or phone. We would be happy to help bring out the best in your next project.