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With a pulse that never lets up, Singapore is a key global trade hub and financial capital. That means that any film production company can find everything it needs in this modern and tech-savvy city. Below we will detail some of the reasons why Singapore is a prime urban film making destination. With established liaison offices in Singapore, Mbrella Films is a complete platform for all film production company services.

Film Production Services in Singapore

Singapore is one of the best options for choice production houses providing services for all aspects of film and television production. This includes pre-production services such as casting as well as line production and even help with accessing global distribution channels.

Most Singaporean film industry professionals are proficient in both English and Mandarin Chinese, which streamlines film making in any Asian location. These professionals are always prompt and polite, demonstrating resilience and diligence as they assist with achieving the best possible results.

Singapore is an exemplary destination for any film production company, and we at Mbrella Films have on-site producers that are always ready to offer support. Please feel free to contact us at any time and with questions about producing your film in Singapore. In the following sections, this article delves into Singapore’s unique locations, modern equipment, and professional film production crews.

Film Production Company Singapore Mbrella Films Film Production Services Singapore

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Commercials and marketing projects often choose Singapore for its sleek and hip urban atmosphere. This ambiance translates very well to all formats and visual mediums, including film, high definition video, online content, and broadcast television. With brand new, glistening high rise architecture contrasting old-world colonial buildings, Singapore simply delivers. The choices are seemingly endless, and any director or producer will marvel at the options this city has to offer.

Singapore Filming Locations and Settings

Film Production Company Singapore Mbrella Films Filming Locations singapore hanging gardens

With an amazing city vibe, Singapore awakens the senses and brings any cinema project to life with energetic, crackling scenery. Blessed with cultural diversity, there are a host of location options all within reach. These include pedestrian alleyways, rooftops, five-star hotels and rustic open-air markets where brusque hawkers ply their trade.

The list goes on. Singapore doubles well for anywhere from China to India and even in some areas can supplement for frames of Manhattan and New York. This morphing, dynamic environment provides endless opportunity to directors and cinematographers with an eye on producing exceptional quality footage.

Some of Asia’s Best Equipment and Crew

Visiting foreign productions have always been satisfied with Singapore’s local hires and logistics support. These consummate professionals can fulfill any film’s needs including location scouting, art department, prop houses and operation of top of the line editing suites.

Film Production Company Singapore Mbrella Films Singapore Crew and Equipments

As far as equipment rental is concerned, no stone is left unturned. Dollies, full transportation fleets, cranes and latest generation camera rigs are all ready to heed a call to action. And again, the crew to operate all this gear remains on call and can bring out the best in any equipment including Arri, Red and all other major brands.

Our team of producers at Mbrella Films have years of experience expediting Singapore filming permits and assisting with full local support. Contact us at any time for further details on film and television production in Singapore!