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Mbrella Films is a film production company in Canberra that provides you with full production services. From pre-production to post, we’ve got the experience and know-how to ensure your film or video is a resounding success.

In Canberra, there is an abundance of locations, and Mbrella Films provides a highly experienced crew for feature films, TV series’, documentaries, commercials, corporate videos, animations, and more.

Film Production Services in Canberra

Mbrella Film provides full production services for all types of film productions no matter the budget.

Mbrella filmmakers have the passion, creativity, and expertise needed to create stand-out films and videos in and around Canberra. We strive to create and produce films of the highest quality. Whether you require complete production services from the script, planning to shooting and special effects, or just expert fixers and producers to procure permits, we’ve got you sorted!

Our team of experienced producers are always available to take care of all your film production needs in Canberra. Read more to find out what locations stand out in Canberra and how these locations and more can give your film the perfect setting and feel.

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Filming Locations in Canberra

Beautiful Lake Burley Griffin is the centerpiece of Canberra.

The final fulfillment of architect Walter Burley Griffin’s vision for Canberra in 1912, the New Parliament House is a marvel of modern architecture. The boomerang-shaped structure nestles comfortably into Capital Hill and was designed to replace the Provisional Parliament House at the base of the hill, now known as Old Parliament House.

Lake Burley Griffin, in the city center, is Canberra’s sparkling jewel, and many of the city’s top tourist attractions and things to do lie along its shores, including the National Gallery of Australia, Questacon, and the National Library. The parliament buildings, as well as some of the city’s other main attractions, lie within the Parliamentary Triangle, formed by King’s Avenue, Commonwealth Avenue, and Lake Burley Griffin. Beautiful Lake Burley Griffin is the centerpiece of Canberra.

The view from Shepherd’s Lookout is spectacular – Shepherd’s Lookout provides stunning views of the Murrumbidgee River, with power lines that span the river marking the border between Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales. With rolling country hills littered with green trees that flank the river on both sides, coupled with a cool breeze from being up high, it’s like you’ve stepped right into a painting – one that you never want to leave.

Inaugurated in the middle of WWII, the massive Byzantine-style monument commemorating Australia’s war fatalities is Canberra’s most poignant attraction. More than just a war memorial, the site combines an excellent museum, archives, art gallery, and library. The Commemorative Courtyard at the entrance to the memorial is a haunting introduction. Inscribed in bronze on the walls of the colonnades are the names of every Australian who has died in war since 1885, and the length of the list is spine-chilling.

Beyond the entrance, different galleries retrace the stories of Australia’s armed conflicts from colonial days to the present. The exhibits are constantly evolving, but highlights include the collection of old aircraft

Film Equipment and Professional Crew in Canberra

Mbrella Films provides your production with the highest-grade equipment and the most experienced crew.

In Canberra, Mbrella Films works with incredibly experienced and professional crews who have worked on critically acclaimed smaller budget art-house films as well as feature films with large budgets.

We can procure the latest cameras and equipment for your film or video production. With the best in camera and lighting equipment and a highly experienced crew, your final cut will come out looking better than you could have imagined. At Mbrella Films, we also have in-house editors and post-production specialists with numerous years of experience.

Tax Incentives in Canberra

Canberra is the perfect place to shoot your film, not only due to its talent and the vast number of locations; it also has competitive film and TV production incentives.

Australia offers a range of globally competitive screen production incentives that include grants and tax rebates for eligible Qualifying Australian Production Expenditure (QAPE).

There’s a 30% PDV Offset (Post, Digital, and Visual Effects) that is refundable. On top of that, the Australian Federal Government allows an incentive for larger budget foreign films which are filmed in Australia. This offset is applied at a set rate of 16.5% of (QAPE) for a film project and is available to productions that spend over AU$15 million. 

Our producers know Canberra extensively. Whether you’re in need of full production support or just permitting and film production services, we’re always free to talk. Please reach out to us through email, by phone call, or via the contact form below.