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Dongguan has a population of 7 and a half million people and is situated in the mid-south region of Guangdong Province. Lying to the east of the Pearl River Delta, 50 kilometers south of Guangzhou and 90 kilometers north of Shenzhen, Dongguan is known as the workshop of the world with more than 151,000 industrial enterprises. Additionally, there are up to 31 Fortune Global 500 companies, the likes of Samsung, Nikon and Walmart.

Mbrella Films, a leading film and video production company, has a lengthy roster of returning clients, including Apple, Nike, Kayak, Google, Land Rover, GoPro, Hennesy and National Geographic to name a few. There are three stages of production: pre-production, principal photography (shooting) and post-production. The pre-production stage is where a large portion of planning takes place in order to ensure that each shoot runs as smoothly as possible. We carefully prepare each shoot ahead, from start to finish . Furthermore, the Chinese government recently implemented new tax incentives for visiting film productions providing even more reason to film in this abundant country.

Mbrella Films facilitates all your production needs such as locations scouting, scripting, storyboarding, editing, visual effects as well as crew and equipment hire. You may contact us any time with questions, inquiries, or requests for quotations by emailing, phoning or contacting us through the form below. Keep reading as we cover some of the wide ranging video production services we provide in the wonderful Dongguang.

Video Production Services Dongguan

Film Production Company Dongguan Video Production Services
Mbrella Films has established filmmaker connections worldwide with networks extending to many cities in China including Dongguang

Mbrella Films is a video production services company that provides a wide range of services and amenities. These all-inclusive production services include all video types such as documentaries, corporate videos, social media videos, event videos and music videos. Every video production is different and relies on unique skill sets and experience.

For companies, corporate videos, viral marketing videos and television commercials (TVC’s) should be top priority from the get go. These videos are proven to broaden brand awareness and a company’s products or services will resonate more deeply with audiences when story driven and cinematic. Other videos that prove invaluable for a wider audience reach are Youtube and social media videos. More planning, higher budgets and larger crews will be required for some video productions, while crowdfunding videos are examples of video productions in need of a more minimalistic approach. Nonetheless, every stage of production will greatly benefit from careful planning and implementation.

We, at Mbrella Films, pride ourselves on our premier video production services, from pre-production to editing and visual effects, we devote our expertise to telling the best story possible! Our film producers have connections to local Dongguan fixers who will scout and secure the best locations on offer.

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Film Fixers Dongguan

Film Production Company Dongguan Film Fixers
Experienced fixers are incredibly valuable to the video production process with responsibilities including scouting and managing locations

Dongguan is one of various locations around the globe where we have a network of local film fixers. These expeditious experts have a long list of contacts they can call upon to hasten production. Fixers have a rather vast scope of work that requires them to be the jacks of all trades for film production companies.

The fixers know the local languages, rates and customs with other logistical tasks such as dining, lodging and transportation. Mbrella Films is no stranger to problems arising on set, it’s inevitable, which is why our expert film fixers are there to essentially ‘fix’ any issues so that shooting resumes and maintains schedule. Film fixers lend their expertise so that directors, producers and production teams can focus on their tasks at hand. This will allow the creative process to thrive.

Our local film fixers in Dongguan are great assets and contribute to the success of every video production. Read further as we delve into the stunning locations our Dongguan fixers scout and secure permits for.

Top Filming Locations in Dongguan

Film Production Company Donguang Locations Keyuan Garden
The blissfully serene Keyuan Gardens is a good site to see various structures that still follow the traditional Chinese style of architecture

Kenyuan Garden, built in 1850 by Zhang Jingxiu, is one of the four famous gardens of the Qing dynasty in Guangdong province. The gardens are landscaped into a triangular-shape with perfectly maintained gardens, winding paths, pavilions and kiosks. It features hills, lakes, buildings, trees and plants that blend harmoniously with its surroundings. The garden is protected by the state as a national cultural treasure.

Covering an area of 2,200 square meters, the garden has dozens of traditional buildings in it, as well as pavilions, pools, and bridges. It is divided into four parts, including three building groups and one yard. The three building groups are located in the southeast, west, and north of the garden, respectively. The yard is in the middle. You can also walk along the corridor around the yard, through which you will find all the scenes of the garden

Film Production Company Dongguan Locations Humen Bridge
The Humen bridge is a substantial part of the expressway network in the Pearl River Delta area, but also a landmark in Dongguan

The Humen bridge was completed in 1997 and also the first large suspension bridge designed and constructed by China independently making it a crucial transport junction. Transversing the estuary of the Pearl River, the river flows into the South China Sea, and its completion swiftly advanced the economic development of Guangdong. The bridge’s best views are at night when the bright streetlights shine upon the water below. When walking on the bridge, you’ll be able to capture stunning views of the enchanting cityscape.

For inquiries about bringing your next film and video production to the breathtaking Dongguan, please contact us by email, phone or through our contact form below. Mbrella Film’s team of producers are always available to answer all of your questions. We look forward to working with you on your next exceptional video production. Have a great day!