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Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province, is situated in the South-central part of China and is world renown for being home to most of the world’s giant panda population. This important Chinese city is a major economic and transportation hub and part of a mountainous area located in the so-called “Tian Fu Zhi Guo” which means “country of heaven” or “land of abundance”.

Mbrella Films are experts at film and video production with a host of returning clients that includes Apple, Nike, Land Rover, Kayak, Google, Hennesy and GoPro to name a few. We plan each shoot with careful consideration, making sure we cover every logistical detail of the planning stage so that we can ensure the success of every shoot. The Chinese government has also recently implemented a flood of tax incentives and increased investment in the film production industry.

Mbrella Films gives total support with all of your film and video production needs for shooting in Chengdu. Please contact us at any time with questions, inquiries, or requests for quotations. We’d be glad to facilitate your next film production in this wonderful city. Read further as we dive into more about the complete video production services we provide.

Video Production Services Chengdu

Film Production Company Chengdu Video Production Services
In Chengdu, we have connections to experienced filmmakers who have a wealth of knowledge in every type of video production

Video production has many varying types that each have their own fundamental purpose, such as documentaries, music videos, corporate videos and Youtube Videos. Mbrella Films offers a vast array of video production services for every type of video.

The types of video productions most companies will primarily focus on are corporate videos, viral marketing videos and television commercials (TVC’s). Videos like these help broaden their brand awareness with a well produced video also enable audiences to connect with the company. Other video productions such as social media, YouTube videos and event videos are also essential for reaching a wider audience. Production sizes can differ substantially with some productions requiring more planning, higher budgets and a bigger crew. However, crowdfunding videos are an example of a much smaller production which will benefit from a more minimal approach. Even so, all stages of production from pre-production to post are set up to tell the best story possible.

In Chengdu, Mbrella’s film producers have networks of local fixers who are well versed in the city’s locations. For inquiries about creating your next video in this magnificent production location, please email or phone us any time.

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Film Fixers Chengdu

Film Production Company Chengdu Film Fixers
Fixers have important responsibilities that include scouting and managing locations, securing permits as well as crew and equipment services

In Chengdu, Mbrella Films has a network of film fixers who do everything that’s needed in order to smooth the production process. They are essentially the jacks of all trades in the film production world.

Fixers are local experts who have extensive knowledge of the local languages, customs, and rates. Their responsibilities cover a range of logistical processes such as providing access to lodging, dining and transportation. They also prevent issues from halting production and give us access to their lengthy roster of contacts. Having an experienced fixer in your corner gives directors, producers and production team members the opportunity to focus on their tasks at hand which creates space for the creative process to flourish.

Our local Chengdu film fixers help to ensure that every video production is a resounding success. Keep reading as we detail some of the breathtaking locations that our local fixers provide access to in Chengdu.

Top Filming Locations in Chengdu

Film Production Company Chengdu Locations Anshun Bridge
The Anshun bridge has a long storied history and the original structure can be traced back to 1746 back in the time of the Yuan Dynasty

One of Chengdu’s many stunning locations and architectural marvels is called Anshun Bridge which literally translates to “Bridge of Peace and Propitiousness”. It is located beside Hejiang Pavilion along the Funan River (Jin River). The bridge has been devastated by floods several times and was rebuilt in 2003 as a replacement.

The bridge’s architecture was influenced during the ancient Ming and Qing dynasties and is 81 meters long and 6 meters wide. The bridge’s handrail represents traditional Chinese folk culture and was carved with stunning patterns such as plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum. Two water beast statues are equipped to each side of the bridge’s pier and were believed by the ancient Chinese to be able to suppress the floods.

Another breathtaking location is the Wenshu (Manjushri) Monastery with an area that covers more than 12 acres. The monastery comprises five separate temples constructed from wood and stone. This complex was built in 1691 above the ruins of an earlier monastery which dates back to the time of the Southern Dynasties. The site also holds a number of other important cultural relics that include paintings and calligraphy by eminent Chinese artists and writers.

Film Production Company Chengdu Locations Leshan Giant Buddha
The Leshan Giant Buddha is a monumental stone statue of Maitreya that has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996

One of the most incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites and considerably one of Chengdu’s top attractions is the Leshan Giant Buddha. This colossal stone statue of Maitreya is about 71 meters tall and is acknowledged as the largest sculpture of Buddha around the world. This colossal statue was first started by a Buddhist monk by the name of Haitong in AD 713. The work was continued by a number of other monks and artists, after his death until it was eventually finished in AD 803.

There are a host of stunning locations in the province, none more so than Mount Emei. The grandiose Mount Emei’s highest peak is the Peak of Ten Thousand Buddhas. It stands at an elevated height of 3099 meters and is widely regarded as one of the four Holy Mountains. The scenery surrounding Mount Emei is truly breathtaking and it’s also of great spiritual and cultural importance because of its crucial role in the introduction of Buddhism into China. It’s especially rich vegetation, ranging from subtropical evergreen forests to subalpine pine forests.

For any inquiries about producing your next production in the gorgeous Chengdu, please reach out to us at any time by email or phone as our producers are constantly on standby to answer all of your questions.